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OfTrade is the exclusive sales representative for all Orsa Florestal products on the Dutch and Belgian markets and is able to offer your company a range of timber products, all with a FSC Pure certificate. We are able to offer 20 different species in all kinds of sizes and sell to clients all over the world.

Orsa Florestal

Orsa Florestal is one of the biggest Brazilian timber companies with forest areas of more than 500.000 hectares in the northern state of Pará. All forestry operations have been certified by FSC which allows Orsa Florestal to sell its products with the FSC Pure label.

Currently it has one saw mill with 4 individual saw mill lines. Production capacity is aproximately 4.000m3 of rough sawn timber per month. Orsa Florestal can ship from its own private port directly to the Netherlands (Flushing) or France (La Pallice). Other destinations can also be shipped to through the port of Belém.


Oftrade only works with FSC Pure products, which guarantees that the timber comes from a legal source and that the forest is managed in a way that preserves the forest and does not put local people aside. All timber is extracted following the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The chain of custody number (SCS-COC-000638) assures the possibility to trace the timber back to the certified forest.

The following animation shows how the forest is currently managed at Orsa Florestal.


At the moment we can only offer rough sawn AD timber. We are currently not investing in any Kiln drying or planing facilities. Of course we can indicate companies that offer these services, either in Brazil, or in other countries.


Our main species are used for construction and hydraulics purposes, but we also offer garden products and sleepers and supply to flooring and timber industries.

In terms of available volumes, these are our main species:
- Angelim vermelho (dinizia excelsa)
- Massaranduba (manilkara huberi)
- Mandioqueira escamosa (qualea paraensis)
- Angelim pedra (hymenolobium patraeum)
- Pequia (caryocar villosum)

Specific information about these and other species you can find here.

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